South Georgia
October/November 2016

st andrewsSunrise at St. Andrews Bay
Pintado Pintado Petrel
Iceberg and PetrelNorthern Giant Petrel and Iceberg at the North approach to South Georgia
Royal AlbatrossIcebergs as we get close to South Georgia
Royal AlbatrossRoyal Albatross
Salisbury PlainSalisbury Plain, King Penguin and our ship the Sea Spirit
Salisbury PlainKing Penguins in discussion
Salisbury PlainMolting King Penguins at the Salisbury Plain colony
Juvenile Wandering AlbatrossWandering Albatross in nest on Prion Island
Juvenile Wandering AlbatrossPrion Island, Wandering Albatross
South Georgia PipitSouth Georgia Pipit bathing on the path, Prion Island
Fortuna BayFortuna Bay in a snowstorm
Fortuna BayWatching the Kings in the snow at Fortuna Bay
Fortuna BayKings heading toward their colony at Fortuna Bay
Fortuna BayCold Fur Seal
Fortuna BaySouthern Giant Petrels squabbling over a meal
StromnessAbandoned Whaling Station at Stromness
South Georgia PintailSouth Georgia Pintail at Grytviken
St. AndrewsSt. Andrews Bay
St. AndrewsThe colony at St. Andrews Bay
St. Andrews Elephant Seal pup
St. AndrewsSt. Andrews Bay
St. AndrewsKing Penguin preening
St. AndrewsThe Colony at St. Andrews Bay is the largest on South Georgia
Gold HarborGold Harbor
Gold HarborBattling Bull Elephant Seals
Gold HarborGentoo Penguin has to make a path through the Elephant Seals crowding the beach
Gold HarborElephant Seal
Gold HarborKing Penguin colony at Gold Harbor
Drygalski FjordIcebergs outside of Drygalski Fjord
Drygalski FjordEntering Drygalski Fjord
Drygalski FjordGlacier at the head of Drygalski
Drygalski FjordIcebergs outside of Drygalski
Right Whale Bay Kings making their way to sea through the slushy surf
Right Whale BayRight Whale Bay - fresh snow!!
Right Whale BayRoyal Southern Fur Seal
Right Whale BayRight Whale as the clouds begin to lift
Right Whale BayLine of penguins marching to the colony through fresh snow
Right Whale BayBeautiful morning at Right Whale Bay
Right Whale BayThe penguins liked the snow!
Right Whale BayMade for good tobogganing
Southern Giant PetrelSeabirds as we leave South Georgia: Southern Giant Petrel
Wandering AlbatrossWandering Albatross
Southern FulmarSouthern Fulmar
Snow PetrelSnSnow Petrel in a snow flurry
Grey-headed AlbatrossGray-headed Albatross
Blue PetrelBlue Petrel
Black-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed Albatross
Atlantic PetrelAtlantic Petrel
South Georgia PipitSouth Georgia Pipit at Right Whale Bay
Gold HarborKing Penguin chick begging for food
chinstrap penguinChinstrap Penguin at Cooper Island
Cooper IslandFrozen Waterfall on Cooper Island
Ushuia, ArgentinaDocked in Ushuia, the end of the voyage